CST4ALL aims to catalyze an array of hybridization and cooperation initiatives at the interface between Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST*) and other renewable energy technologies targeting the electricity, heat, and fuels sectors. 

* CST is an umbrella term that includes electricity, heat, and fuel applications while Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) / Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) narrowly refers to the use of CST to generate electricity.


CST4ALL will execute a series of workshops to identify the key technological interfaces between CST technologies and other renewable energy technologies.


◆ Increased awareness of and support for CST technologies from key stakeholders and the general public.

◆Strengthened capacities and willingness of key actors from different SET Plan sectors to implement cross-cutting, integrated, and holistic solutions to shared challenges.


Accelerate the clean energy transition and realization of the Green Deal through European technological and social leadership in cross-cutting solutions that have high economic, technical, environmental, and social performance.

The CST4ALL Project

Officially Started

October 25, 2022

The CST4ALL project officially started with the kick-off meeting that took place in ESTELA - European Solar Thermal Electricity Association Headquarters in Brussels, on October 25th, 2022. Read more..

CST4ALL Website


January 11, 2023

With the launch of the project CST4ALL, its website has also been released and is currently available online, offering important details about the project. The website URL is https://cst4all.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101075408.

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